Student Voice

At Queensmead School, students have the opportunity to practise democracy in action by standing for election to the student council, ‘Forum’.

This is a representative body led and managed by senior students and is made up of a form representative from each tutor group across the school. Elections are held annually at the start of each academic year.

To ensure streamlined and concentrated debate, the committee is comprised of a number of sub-committees focused on a number of key student-facing issues within the school. Sub-committees submit proposals for discussion at Forum and subsequently presentations are made to the School’s Leadership Group.

Leadership place a high value on the contributions of the student committee to inform decision-making to ensure that students enjoy the most positive and well-rounded experience during their time at Queensmead School.

Jack Petchey logo

Queensmead School is a supporter of the Jack Petchey Foundation, a charitable foundation established by a London-born entrepreneur to recognise the outstanding contribution made by young people in their communities.

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards are given to young people who make wholehearted, unselfish and dedicated contributions to their school, club or community.  The Jack Petchey Foundation was set up by Jack himself, who has a real rags-to-riches story.  Born into poverty in East London in 1925, Jack served during the Second World War but struggled to gain employment once peace broke out.  Undeterred, he set up his own second-hand car business and taxi firm.  His business empire steadily grew until this particular entrepreneur became a multi-millionaire.  He established his foundation in 1999, determined to give recognition and opportunity to young people across London and Essex.  His motto is, “If you think you can. You can.”

Nine awards are presented each academic year to members of the community to recognise the contribution they make and to acknowledge the differences their attitude and selflessness has on others.  Winners are presented with a certificate and badge in recognition of their achievement and also with a £200 grant to be spent in a way they so choose to make a further positive contribution to their community.