Post 16 Education

We aspire to provide our P16 students with an outstanding education, which prepares them for higher education, employment, and society in the 21st century. Our P16 results are in the top 20% nationally, which puts us consistently above local and national averages. 

At P16 we have two key aims: 

We aim to provide students with the best possible academic opportunities through outstanding teaching and learning, a wide range of courses, and guidance to help students develop the study skills required at P16 and beyond. 

Secondly, we ensure students have the opportunity to experience a wide range of enrichment activities, helping them prepare for university, employment and making sure they are ready to make a positive contribution to their community in life beyond Queensmead. We call the enrichment programme the P16 experience and aim to ensure all students make the most of the activities on offer. 

Once enrolled, P16 students receive their own personal Chromebook, access to our dedicated P16 building and study rooms with super-fast wifi along with free access to our onsite gym and Goals astroturf centre. 

For more information on our P16 provision, or how to apply, please see the pages below. Alternatively, you can contact Carl Kavanagh, Senior Assistant Headteacher, for more information