Professional Development

At Queensmead, we offer all of our staff members a variety of personalised and enriching CPD programmes, according to their role, helping them grow and flourish.

Early Careers Framework

We are delivering the two year programme of training for ECTs using resources provided by the Ambition Institute but adapted and delivered by Lead Teachers and experienced mentors. ECTs had a three-week induction in July and have weekly mentor meetings with their mentors. Mentor training has been provided, which included a one-hour online session with Haili Hughes.

National Professional Qualifications

We have three members of staff who will be undertaking the prestigious NPQs in November:

Mr Corish – NPQ for Leading Teaching (funded by the school).
Mr Grant – NPQ for Leading Teacher Development (DfE funded).
Mr Luzardo – NPQ for Behaviour and Culture (self funded).

They will have the support of their in-school coach who will receive training before the NPQ starts.

CPD Groups

We have adapted our CPD programme this year in light of research and feedback, including that of Tom Sherrington, to make it more flexible and put more ownership on staff. Sessions are shorter but will take place more often than in previous years to allow for clear links to be made between sessions. Staff will be encouraged to trial ideas and then evaluate/reflect through discussions in their groups. The work that each of the CPD groups does will be shared with all staff to ensure that there are whole-school impacts. Staff were asked to join one of the following CPD groups:

  • Metacognition
  • Teaching and Learning Community
  • Reading Group
  • Disciplinary Literacy
  • Embedding Maths
  • NQT+1/+2 Programme
  • Early Careers Framework (ECTs only)

Also as part of our CPD programme we have SEND training from our SENCo, which includes strategies on how to support students with specific learning needs in lessons and how to deploy LSAs effectively. Our Personal Development coordinator also offers training on how to deliver sensitive topics in PD, most recently sexual harassment and sexual violence. Staff also receive training and support with IT and technology, including Smartboard training and, during lockdown teaching, different platforms for delivering live lessons e.g. Smart Learning, Peardeck, Classkick.

CPD Output

Teaching and Learning Newsletter

Every half term we will be sending out a Teaching and Learning newsletter. This will include a huge variety of information related to T+L including book reviews by staff; updates from the CPD groups; Twitter updates; shout outs to staff from learning walks/observations; CPD opportunities and more.

Teaching and Learning Thought for the Week (T+LTFTWs)

Every Monday after school from 3-3.10pm where staff of all different experience-levels share T+L ideas.

Teaching and Learning Resources for Staff

Staff have a dedicated website for Teaching and Learning. We also have
a T+L board in the school foyer and a range of T+L books (also in the
foyer) are available for staff to borrow.

Developing Staff

Staff at Queensmead School are constantly being offered exciting opportunities for progression and development. So far this year roles have been offered to staff including Charities Coordinator; Mental Wellbeing Officer; Peer Mentoring Coordinator and Careers Leader. All of these roles will have significant whole-school impacts.

Subject Specific

Our department meetings include a variety of subject-specific training, including standardisation, moderation, exam board workshops and general subject knowledge sessions.

Pre-training Scheme

We are fortunate to have a number of support staff who joined QM as a stepping stone to teaching. For these members of staff, we have put together a unique programme of study to introduce them to teaching.

T+L Values

To ensure that our expectations for effective lessons are consistent across the school we have designed a set of Teaching and Learning Values. Staff are encouraged to use these when planning and observing lessons. Please find a copy of the T+L values on our website.