Behaviour For Learning

Students at school

The purpose of our Behaviour for Learning Policy is to ensure that all members of our community have knowledge of the Behaviour for Learning system and Behaviour Code and follow it to bring about consistency of practice throughout the school. It also ensures that all students understand what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and that every student understands their choices and the consequences of these decisions and further the rewards that help make the policy effective.

The aim of the Rules at Queensmead School is to create and sustain an environment where all students :

  • Fulfil their potential as individuals
  • Respect the values of the school
  • Take responsibility for their actions

The five essentials of good behaviour are that every student is required to :

  1. Behave with courtesy and respect
  2. Follow teachers’ instructions at the first time of asking
  3. Preserve a pleasant School environment
  4. Be punctual and properly prepared for lessons
  5. Wear the correct uniform
* Mobile phones are not permitted to be used on site at any time which includes after the school day. Students must wait until they leave the school gates before taking out their phones.