PE Curriculum Informations

The two core aims of PE at Queensmead are:

  • To give all students the confidence to partake in a lifetime of physical activity
  • To help all students to achieve their full potential in Sport

Pupils take part in a curriculum that provides a wide range of different activities, affording them the opportunity to try, and make progress in, different sports. Activities that they will, hopefully, continue to participate beyond their time in school. There are a variety of opportunities for pupils to compete at a higher level with teams competing against other schools, at a borough and regional level.

There are extensive extra-curricular PE opportunities at Queensmead, and we take pride in the inclusive nature of the activities available. All students are given the opportunity to attend after school clubs in the sports they particularly enjoy during curriculum time. This is underpinned by the Queensmead sporting values; Respect, Teamwork, Resilience, Humility and Independence. Students are encouraged to, and rewarded for, demonstrating these values in lessons, with the goal of ensuring a positive, enjoyable environment for all.

Year 7

Year 7 begins with a transition unit of work, aiming to give students a taster of the different activities on the curriculum and introduce them to the Queensmead sporting values. Students then begin 6 week units of activities, with two activities per week. Over the course of the year, students cover 11 different activities, with more available after school.

Lessons are aimed at developing the skills specific to each sport, as well as tactical awareness and the importance of the Queensmead sporting values, both of which are transferable across all sports.

Year 8

Building upon core skills developed in year 7, year 8 sees a transition towards more advanced skills and tactical concepts. Pupils are expected to learn and perform higher level skills as well as team tactics and compositional ideas. Pupils complete units of work in 12 different activities throughout the school year.

Year 9

Year 9 sees an increased focus on advanced skills, tactical concepts and compstional ideas. Pupils expressing an interest, are able to select Sports as an options course, meaning they will get to partake in additional PE lessons, in both practical and theoretical settings. The course is aimed at encouraging pupils’ passion and enjoyment for sports, as well as preparing them for the PE GCSE or BTEC courses in year 10.