Music Curriculum Information

The music curriculum at Queensmead School offers students a fantastic introduction to life as a working musician.  It incorporates elements of performance, composition and the development of listening / appraising skills. At Queensmead, we offer a fun, engaging and varied music curriculum.  Students learn traditional music, modern music and world music. We have two outstanding music classrooms which feature a live stage, 15 iMacs, 5 practice rooms and world class instruments

Year 7

  • HT1: Elements of Music / Instruments of the Orchestra
  • HT2: Rhythm and Notation
  • HT3: Keyboard Performance
  • HT4: Descriptive Music
  • HT5: African Drumming
  • HT6: Pop Music / Chord Sequences

Year 8

  • HT1: World Music – Chinese, Indian and Jamaican
  • HT2: Film Music
  • HT3: Hooks and Riffs – Performance
  • HT4: Hooks and Riffs – Composition
  • HT5: The Blues
  • HT6: Leitmotifs / Character Themes

Year 9

  • HT1 and 2: Music and the Media
  • HT3 and 4: Musical Futures
  • HT5: Songwriting
  • HT6: Music Theory