MFL Curriculum

The MFL Department at Queensmead is dedicated to ensure that all pupils achieve their best both during their time with us as well as in their exams. As a department we have a passion for languages that all our members of staff aim to pass on to our students.

We have specific schemes of work for each dedicated year groups and well as resources available to supplement such. In addition, many extra-curricular activities are also arranged for the pupils to supplement their knowledge.

Year 7

Introducing yourself

  • Personal information
  • Describing oneself
  • Name and describe objects

Talk about family and friends

  • Describing ones personality
  • Talk about family and friends
  • Giving opinions about school subjects
  • Talk about home and family life

School, Home and animals

  • Talk about your school
  • Talk about where you live
  • Talk about leisure activities & personal possessions
  • Describe animals

Food & Drink

  • Talk about Food and drink
  • Talk about difference mealtime
  • Give opinion on food and restaurants
  • Talk about food specialities & art

My Neighborhood

  • Describe your home town
  • Things to do
  • Giving directions
  • Going out


  • Talking about clothes and styles
  • Talking about the weather and clothes
  • Discuss activities and music preferences

Year 8

Entertainment and advertising

  • Talk about television programmes
  • Give opinion on music genres
  • Talk about film genres
  • Talk about reading preferences
  • Understanding the use of the language of advertising

Issues for teenagers

  • Discuss relationships with parents
  • Talk about pocket money & helping out at home
  • Discuss pressures faced by teenagers & understanding advice
  • Discuss life in the past
  • Describing the life of homeless children

A balanced diet

  • Talk about healthy eating
  • Discuss healthy lifestyles
  • Talk about how dies affects health
  • Talk about resolutions to be healthier
  • Talk about what life will be in the future

Transport and holidays

  • Talk about how to travel & compare means of transport
  • Buy tickets and talk about travel plans
  • Plan a holiday
  • Describe a past holiday
  • Talk about transport in books and films

Jobs and ambitions

  • Talk about jobs and qualities needed for
  • certain professions
  • Discuss ideal jobs and ambitions
  • Talk about part-time jobs
  • Talk about success and failure

Year 9

Me, my family and friends

  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Marriage and partnerships

Technology in everyday life

  • Social Media
  • Mobile Technology

Free time activities

  • Food and Eating out
  • Cinema and TV
  • Music
  • Sports