Computing Curriculum Information

At Key stage 3 we aim to develop the engagement and enthusiasm for computing whilst following the national curriculum. Pupils have the opportunity to acquire new and develop existing skills such as; logical thinking and problem solving skills. They will use applications creatively to analyse data and design a variety of solutions to real world problems. Lessons encourage pupils to make progress and develop confidence in the new skills they have acquired.

Year 7

In year 7 we introduce pupils to Google suite which is used heavily by both staff and pupils throughout the school to collaborate with peers and share work. In addition to exploring the benefits of technology, pupils investigate the potential dangers that are presented by a digital world and investigate steps which can be taken to avoid misuse and malpractice. Pupils develop their logical reasoning and computational thinking skills learning block programming in Scratch and developing web pages using HTML. They are introduced to data handling and manipulation through spreadsheet software learning how to format data, write formulas and present results. Pupils improve their understanding of computer hardware by learning about the role of the different components inside a computer system.

Year 8

The emphasis in year 8 is to develop programming skills in python. Pupils are introduced to basic concepts and have the opportunity to put practice into reality by coding programs from scratch. They are shown how people in industry design programs starting with an initial idea to the finished application. Pupils are also taught how to query databases and explore how they are used in the real world including a project to solve crimes. This leads onto computer networks and the importance of security. Pupils will appreciate the need for security and the devastation which could be caused by information falling into the wrong hands.We also teach them about the language of computers ‘binary’ and how computers are able to process a vast amounts of information. This gives pupils appreciation of how computer system developed over the decades into the super machines which are used by global companies like NASA.

Year 9

In year 9 pupils are able to choose IT or Computing to get a further feel for the subjects.

One of the skills they develop in IT is publishing skills which is essential in the world of digital marketing. They also are able to learn spreadsheet functions which they will use in a class based project. They end the year by developing radio adverts and understanding the impact it can have when aligned with different business campaigns.

In Computing pupils start off by developing a text adventure game using key skills and concepts introduced in class. Pupils develop their problem solving skills further at this stage and are expected to interrogate their code when errors arise. Pupils develop more advanced programming skills, one being reading/writing from files. They have the opportunity to develop professional looking websites utilising HTML/CSS skills covered in previous years along with JavaScript to make the pages interactive.