Values and Ethos

Mission Statement

At Queensmead, we strive for academic excellence for all students in a caring and safe environment based on our Queensmead values.

Vision Statement

We are committed to helping our students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for life beyond Queensmead, ensuring they are ready to move into the world of university, training or employment. We take great pride in the range of academic opportunities offered to our students and the support in place to help them succeed. We want our students to feel confident moving on to the next stage of their lives and make positive contributions to their communities, continuing to demonstrate the Queensmead values into their adult lives.

Our Queensmead Values Statement

Our values or Kindness, Respect, Resilience and Independence exemplify who we are as a school community and form the foundation for everything we do. We are proud of our values which underpin our mission statement, supporting our commitment to academic excellence, as well as our determination to maintain a caring community for everyone. Both students and staff work to demonstrate our values in all aspects of school life.

Our four Queensmead values are:


We are kind to each other in all of our interactions. We think about how actions may affect others and treat them as we would wish to be treated.
We are kind to ourselves, we look after our own physical and mental health and realise that making mistakes is ok, as long as we are always trying to do the right thing and be the best we can be.


We respect other people at all times, we understand that people may hold different opinions to ours, but we remain respectful when talking to everyone
We not only respect but celebrate different cultures, beliefs and religions. We understand that everybody is unique and of equal worth.


We understand that failing is a part of the learning process and see it as an opportunity to learn something new
We understand that if we are working hard, failure is ok, as long as we keep trying and do not give up.


We believe it is important to work independently and help ourselves whenever we can.
We realise asking for help when we need it is a sign of independence.