Values and Ethos

In 2018, as a school community of students, parents and staff, we set out to establish our core values. These values were to exemplify who we were as a school community and underpin everything we did on a daily basis. Everyone involved with the school had input into what they believed our core values should be. We collated the results and selected our final four key values that would go on to serve as the foundation of what we do across the school.

The four values selected were:

  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Independence 

Three years on, these values now underpin everything we do as a school. We are incredibly proud of our values and feel they represent both our commitment to academic excellence, as well as our determination to maintain a caring community for everyone. 

Students and staff work to demonstrate and exemplify these values in a variety of ways. From form time values sessions, personal development lessons and curriculum lessons, our values are promoted across the curriculum. At Post 16, our prefect team is divided into four sub-teams, each with the task of promoting one of our core values across the school. 

Our values form the basis of our rewards and celebration programme, from weekly values certificates for those demonstrating them on a daily basis, to our termly and end of year awards assemblies and evenings.