Home testing for students

The letter below has been sent to parents who provided consent for testing in school.


Dear Parent

Your child has been given two boxes each containing three Covid 19 Self Testing kits.

Students are now able to test from home twice a week under your supervision. We will not be conducting any more supervised tests in school.

Here is a link to an instructional video on self testing on You Tube.  Please also read the instruction booklet in the testing kit box before conducting any tests.

If your child has one of the main three symptoms of Coronavirus do not use a home test, please book a PCR test.

If the result of a home test is positive please book a PCR test immediately to confirm the result.  I advise going to a community or drive through test site as this is the quickest way to get tested.

You are required to report the results of all rapid tests in two ways:

You must report the result every time a test is taken, even if the result is negative or void.

If you have a positive test result please email office@qmschool.org.uk asap.

In line with National Guidelines if a home test is positive or a member of your household has symptoms you must ensure that your household self isolates for 10 days, or until you have a negative PCR result.

All adults in houseolds with school age children can access regular rapid coronavirus testing.  Information on how you obtain home testing kits for your household is on the school website.  The testing kits we have provided your child with should only be used by them.

If you have any questions please email office@qmschool.org.uk

Thank you for your support.

Miss R Johnston