Year 7 Rewards Trip – Oxygen

On January 16th, 105 lucky Year 7 students went on the first rewards trip of the year. It was a two-hour session at Oxygen trampoline park! We were chosen based on our individual ATLs (attitude to learning) and our attendance. As the days went on, it came closer and closer to the exciting day, but finally, the afternoon had arrived! We all jumped into coaches and headed off. We eventually arrived at Oxygen and headed straight to the entrance. As we put on our jumping socks, the excitement in the room rose. Just as the safety video ended, everyone was ready to run to their favourite part of Oxygen. Finally, the doors opened and we set off onto the two whole floors of cartoon-like trampolines filling the space.

Most of the floors were layered with mini trampolines, but there were the exciting games and challenges spread around the park, one of them was the foam pit. I’m nearly 100% sure that during the two-hour session, everyone had jumped (or fell) into it! There was also the battle beam where you and a friend picked up the jousting barrels and try to whack your opponent off the beam and into the pit. As well as all of this, there was also dodgeball and volleyball areas where two teams can go against each other on trampolines. They were very popular. The hardest game, in my opinion, was the reaction pads. It was when you and an opponent can go against each other on trampolines to hit the most buttons in one minute, but by the end, you were already worn out!

Unfortunately after two hours, our time was up and we had to head back into the coaches. The journey back had lots of people wishing that they were still on the spring filled trampolines bouncing from one to the other, but we had a good time and it had to end at some point. Thank you to all the teachers who came with us and set it up for us, I’m sure that everyone who came had a great time and was very thankful.