Authors at Queensmead

Elijah has been working hard on his new book called Shifted Code and now is published on Amazon. Queensmead is really impressed with his creativity and would like to say well done Elijah. The School Library has now got a stock of Shifted Code books.

Shifted Code is action packed with fantasy adventures. Elijah has spent his spare time writing his story and creating the main character Tadeo. Tadeo is bullied by a boy called Nathan and his friends. Tadeo was a tormented genius who was isolated and excluded by everyone in his class. Through an unlucky pairing in class. A brawny Nathan and a victimised Tadeo would have to deal with the misery of working together on a computing project.

With Nathan constantly giving Tadeo a hard time and making very little effort. Tadeo is left to work on his own only sucked into a game they were creating for the project. Tadeo finds himself in a strange world where he learns a terrible truth about a blood curdling menace who has been reigning through fear and terror.

Elijah has kindly answered a few Questions.

  1. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE? I liked writing from a young age whilst at primary school. Especially writing fiction and creating my own stories using my imagination. I read a lot of books.
  2. WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE AUTHOR? I’ve loved reading the Percy Jackson series because of the unique story line. Rick Riorden would have to be one of my favourite authors.
  3. WHAT IS YOUR BOOK ABOUT? Shifted code is about this boy who has to work with his bully on a computing project. But whilst working on it the main character gets sucked into his own game and has to escape.
  4. WHAT IS THE MESSAGE IN YOUR BOOK? The message in my book is that if you have been bullied and encountered challenges everything will turn out alright if you stay true to yourself.
  5. WHAT CHALLENGES DID YOU FACE WRITING YOUR BOOKS? WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM IT? From writing this book I have learn how to take constructive criticism better because before the book I wanted everything to be perfect and I could not take constructive criticism.


Mr Seaman has published a book called Littledale

Littledale is an exciting new young adult adventure novel about dreams, with a darkly humorous twist.

“Whatever you do, don’t dream alone”.

Jack Waverley could think of several million things he would rather do than visit his Aunt Violet for two weeks of his school holidays. His grandmother, however, has to live with her forever. That is why she dreams all day, every day. When she dreams, she finds herself in a world that would look just like the real world, if it wasn’t for the hidden forests, long-lost objects from the dawn of History and, most importantly, the calorie-free chocolate shops. When Jack’s grandmother goes missing in the dream, Jack must explore this outlandish world and find her before she is lost forever. The first full length novel by Philip Marriner (Mr Seaman), ‘Littledale’ is a darkly humourous fantasy adventure, perfect for the reader who likes the dark side of Harry Potter and the light side of Terry Pratchett.

Mr Seaman has kindly written a few words why he was inspired to write this book.  This is what he had to say:

J.K.Rowling started in an interview that anyone could write a book, so I thought I would give it a go. I think fantasy works best when there is a chance that it could come true. Lucid dreams (taking control of your dreams) is a real thing.  So it certainly could make the reader think on occasion that maybe there is a place in our dreams where you can buy calorie free chocolate and visit a Library holding objects otherwise lost to time.