Hillingdon Rugby Festival

Rugby this year has taken off with more numbers at training and more fixtures lined up. There have been a number of fantastic performances already this year from teams in Year 8,9,10 and 11.
Year 8 and 10 rugby teams took part in the recent Hillingdon festival at Ruislip RFC.  An exciting brand of rugby alongside some good old grit and determination allowed both teams to remain unbeaten throughout the day with a number of superb individual performances. The weather was a bit mixed, but the Year 8 team, in particular, maintained a solid approach despite the wet and cold weather during the day.

Teamwork and respect are at the cornerstone of rugby and this has been clear throughout this half term with over 60 different boys representing the school so far this year. The future is bright with boys from the school looking to join local clubs and add to the local community.

A fantastic prospect and more barnstorming rugby to follow.