Bushcraft 2019

On the 29th of June 2019, forty six students set off to Bushcraft for three days and two nights to challenge themselves to survive outdoors!  The trip was a lot of fun! We left school at around 8.30 am and we were fortunate enough to have great weather all weekend.  We started our day by learning many different ways of making fires.  Some examples included; using matches, cotton, and vaseline, flint and steel, etc.  Soon after, we created a fire in our tribes and cooked our lunch by ourselves!  We made burgers. Surprisingly, It was very flavoursome and tasty!

Throughout the day we played many fun games, in which we were taught how to camouflage ourselves and survive in the wild. The nights were amazing! We were provided with hot meals and a delicious dessert to go with it. Every night we would sit by the warm fire and play games and sing songs. It was bliss! The next day was filled with countless fun activities such as swimming, building shelters and walks. On our final day, we had the Bushcraft tournament! In this, all the tribes would compete against each other showing off all their new skills.

The weekend whizzed away and it was soon time to go home. Throughout the trip, we learned many important things such as first aid and how to catch animals in the wild. It was a great experience and definitely won’t be forgotten by anyone anytime soon!

Written by: Emma and Tvisha