Year 7 24 Maths Game

On Wednesday 13th March, four keen Year 7s headed to Ruislip High School to take part in the annual 24 Game Challenge against other secondary schools in Hillingdon.
The Year 7 team spent a lot of time both after school and in their own time preparing for this event, as well as challenging each other to see who could solve various 24 problems the quickest!

Upon arrival our group were split into two teams, Team A and Team B. Once all the other teams had arrived, the rules of the 24 Game were explained, before both teams had the opportunity to take part in three rounds containing ten questions each, which became increasingly more difficult as the rounds progressed. The aim of each round was to score as many points as possible as these would then be totalled together at the end to award prizes to the Top 3 teams.

Each round focussed on a different range of numbers. The first round focussed on calculations involving single digits, followed by a round on double digits and the last set of questions introduced fractions and decimals into the mix too! Both teams persevered and managed extremely well through each of the rounds and were an absolute credit to the school. By the end of all the rounds, our Team B had drawn for second place with another school. This meant that there had to be a tiebreaker round to decide which team would place 2nd and 3rd. On this occasion, the other school beat us to the crunch, but our team still managed to each win a prize for their achievement.

Daniel, one of the Year 7s selected for our team said: “I enjoyed it very much, but when it came to the tiebreaker, I was a bit gutted that we didn’t get 2nd place. I’m still pleased that we got 3rd place though!”

A massive congratulations to the hard work and dedication of the students that took part at this event and for managing to place 3rd and 5th out of the twenty teams that they competed against. I am looking forward to our new Year 7s competing in this event again next year, as it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.