Tomorrow’s Engineers Regional finals

As part of our hugely successful school Robotics club, which consists of Zenel, Ilkay, Maximilian and Karun, we travelled to the Engineers Regional Final which took place at the Heron Tower, Central London on 1st February.

The day started out with a covering of snow but it did not deter our team from making the journey by train.  The competition started with a safety briefing, followed by a number of motivational speeches from previous competitors and engineers working in the robotics industry.  Afterwards it was down to business and the students were challenged to a straight-line race with all the other robots.  This was one of our teams strong points as they had been experimenting with gearing systems for this the week before.  When the dust had settled it emerged that we had finished second with a time of 3.021 seconds.  We were off to a great start in the competition.

After the race we continued on to the next challenges which consisted of:

  • Presenting our robot design to the judges
  • Competing against the other schools on the Lego challenge mat
  • A team work challenge
  • A presentation to the judges about our research of “How robots can be used to help in a humanitarian aid crisis.”

Throughout the day we had a lot of opportunities to admire the engineering around us. We had a great view of the Gherkin, the Shard, the Tower of London, London Bridge and the O2 Arena to name a few.

At two o’clock came the announcement of the winners.  This was the most nerve-wracking moment for the young engineers.  There was a range of awards handed out and we had won the award for the best teamwork on the day.  The students displayed a combination of emotions including shock, jubilance and sorrow.  They had not won the overall prize, but had shown the best teamwork out of all the schools on the day.

The students’ engagement throughout the competition was a true testament to their character, showing a never say never attitude while also staying gracious in defeat. All-in-all the day was a massive success and an event that I will look forward to repeating next year.