Enterprise, Budgeting and Finance at Queensmead

On Tuesday 30th October, all students took part in our personal development day looking at Enterprise, Budgeting and Finance.  Guest speakers from Legacy Financial Solutions and 2020 Dreams introduced students to some of the financial implications of loans and mortgages, and the importance of enterprise opportunities.  Younger students explored how to budget and had to carefully consider how much they would have left each month after accommodation, bills and food.

Older students looked at differences between gross and net incomes, discussing tax and national insurance, before contemplating the impacts of payday loans.  Brunel University spoke to Post 16 students about student finances including student loans, exploring some of the myths around their impact on future credit applications whilst highlighting additional potential sources for funding.

Thank you to @Bruneluni, 2020 Dreams and Legacy Financial Solutions for helping to make the day a great success.